Performing July 27th "Amen Brothers"


Originally inspired by different ballad styles: dust bowl, neo soul, holy roll, Anthony writes songs by stealing from every attainable genre. The Amen Brothers take those punning love poems and mold them into something hip. Alex Knapp, who I've seen shoulder the weight of a baby grand, plays everything but mostly cello. Ed Yanasak, a balladeer himself, played Jazz trombone for most of his life and does so in this group. 'T' Powell # 5, hound of the Green Mill, plucks and bows the upright. Nathan Staley, who is formally trained in hitting things with hands, mallets, and sticks, plays the drums. Most of The Amen Brother's tunes are about social/historical events, but if you call it political, they will scoff loudly in your face.  The Brothers have no affiliations.


The 2014 Outdoor Farmers Market Occurs Every Sunday Through October 26th


The Outdoor Farmers Market will run every Sunday from May 18th through October 26th. The hours are 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.

The Market will take place on Logan Boulevard from Milwaukee Avenue to Whipple Street.

Food! Music! Entertainment! Socializing! Fun!

Afro-Peruvian Flash Mob at October 28th Outdoor Farmers Market


In case you missed the "flash mob" at the October 28th Outdoor Market click here for a link to the video


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