Piedt Farms

We’ve had a great year for greens and spring vegetables of all sorts.  That time is coming to a close though and Briaunna over at Piedt Farms wants to make sure you know that this is the very last week they’ll have asparagus to bring to Market.

Piedt FarmsIf you shop with them regularly you may also have seen some warm weather veggies that would normally not be around until later in the summer.  Bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini need a good long time to grow, and it usually isn’t warm enough in the Midwest to start them in fields until late spring.  In the photo above you will see the Piedt’s fields, full of what are called high tunnels.  The plastic covering on the rows of crops keeps them warm and allows seedlings to start much earlier than would otherwise be possible.  Lots of our farmers are putting in this extra effort to be able to bring you the tastes of late summer on this, the first real weekend of summer.  Enjoy!